This is me. Grandma Gwen. As you can see by my laughter, life is good.

The string of frogs in the header is a tribute to the many frogs I’ve received as gifts over the years. Frogs  give me giggles of delight, and my loved ones have filled my home with frogs of all sorts. They croak in clocks, guard house plants, stand sentry at doorways, hold up books in the bookcase, and snuggle with me at night.

They fill my home with giggles, just as my little tadpoles did when they depended on me. They have their legs now, and deep croaks in their throats, and they’ve given me little grand-tadpoles to adore.

I’ve longed for many years for the opportunity to share the joy of my family with you. And now, at last, WordPress has entered my life and given me a quick and easy way to do just that. Come with me as I travel through the past, and revel in the present.